The secrets of the perfect Ecommerce Home Page (+ downloadable Infographic)

[Click on the image below to download the Pdf version of my infographic]

Value statement

Let’s start with our Value Statement: what is it ?

It’s a convincing explanation regarding what you sell and – above all – why your Home Page visitors should shop on your Ecommerce website.

You have just a second or two to make the difference, don’t miss your opportunity: use a strong and terse Value statement so your visitors grasp your offering straight away.

Tagline and Headline

Successfully expressing your Value statement is not easy; you can use, for start, a Tagline – that’s a brief statement (a few words) prominently placed under or beside your website logo.

Is your name Dell ? Your Tagline could be something like: “The power to do more”.

The Tagline is just the beginning, of course; your Value statement should be voiced by using also a Headline, the main title of your Home Page – a couple of sentences far more descriptive than the Tagline.

Here is a Tagline + Headline example: “The extraordinary is within reach + Help your employees transform from knowledge workers into collaborative innovators” (Cisco).

The Headline must be very clear and simple (anybody should understand it immediately), enticing (so visitors are encouraged to explore your website) and seductive (lure visitor in with a little bit of exclusivity and mystery).

Anyway, the Headline and the Tagline should leave no doubt: your website absolutely is the place to shop !


Even with the help of the Tagline and Headline, your Value statement is still not up to his job; to be truly persuasive, add also a valuable dose of well written benefits: “Dear visitor (…and hopefully prospective buyer…) what is it for you, if you buy my products (and not those of my competitors) ?

Benefits explain why your website is special – from the point of view of your visitors – considering factors such as shopping experience, unique selling proposition, security, etc.

If you are tempted to list dozens of benefits (…because your products and your site are awesome, aren’t they ?), don’t ! Limit yourself to a few (three or four) primary benefits, breaking them up using some bullet points. If you are sick of bullet points (…you endured too many PowerPoint slides, didn’t you ?), try your hand with some artistic icons, they certainly help to make your content more pleasant.

My advice is to make your content as ‘scannable’ as possible, so it is easier for your visitors to understand your Value statement – without having to read every word; having an uncluttered layout helps very much, trust me.


Benefits are very important because they do the fantastic job of selling your visitors on the motives for answering to the Call-to-Action – we will talk about the CTA shortly, be patient.

Instead of tooting your own horn, why don’t you let some authoritative testimonials describe your benefits ? To improve trust and add credibility, include photos, facts and links to bios.


What about videos ? If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth at least three orders of magnitude more…

…so add videos to support words: sophistication is optional, but don’t save on quality (especially of the soundtrack). Short videos (30/40 seconds max) are better than long ones.

Call to Action

It’s “No guts, no glory !” time…

The Call to Action (CTA) explains what you want your visitors to do (…after you won them thanks to the Value statement).

The CTA usually is the label of a big button remarkably placed in the most visible portion of your Home Page – it’s necessarily very, very short, for example: “Make a purchase”, “Learn more”, etc.

Choose your words: don’t be afraid to seduce, or even coerce, but never, ever instruct. A good CTA should consider the point of view of the visitor; to check if it works as expected, add “I want to…” before it. For example, “I want to… Make a purchase !” sounds very good !

Focus your visitors’ attention on a single message, in other words, have one and only one CTA; two or more distinct CTAs induce confusion; the K.I.S.S. approach (Keep It Simple and Stupid) will serve you well – UX (User-experience) experts say: “Too many choices encourage no action !”. Are two or more CTAs mandatory for your business ? At least make sure they are cooperative…

That’s it…  …any suggestion ?

I am looking forward to receiving you feedbacks to improve this Post (…please consider that my mother tongue is not english…)

Andy Cavallini (

PS – This Post is available also in italian:

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