“Italian Pragmatism” – per accendere la luce in fondo al tunnel…

Pubblico qui uno stralcio da un Post di un venture capitalist tedesco “dall’occhio lungo”, Roland Manger (…che fortunatamente scrive in inglese…); ecco l’indirizzo originale: http://www.blog.earlybird.com/blog/2011/09/posted-by-roland-manger-i-just-returned-from-a-week-of-summer-vacation-in-tuscany-trying-to-control-the-calories-induced-b.html#tp

Italian Pragmatism

[…] I found this speed bump on a country road [, in Maremma].

It reminded me why I like Italy so much besides for its beauty, gastronomy and friendly people: its pragmatism and flexibility. While some people with high aversion to uncertainty tend to feel uncomfortable with the ways rules can be interpreted, lived and sometimes bent, and thus seem not to get too well along with life in Italy, it historically has made Italians quite successful and resilient in the face of very difficult geopolitical and economic situations throughout many centuries. […]

Meditate gente, meditate !!!

Andy Cavallini (andy.cavallini@tin.it)

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